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Skylight feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel
Jet Studio Brussel  9/2019

Bright Spark

Foxes in the night

Tom's garden


Steven Delannoye & Nicola Andrioli  "The next chapter".

Streaming live , Jet Studio Brussel  3/2021


Nicola Andrioli Acustic TRIO

live session , Jet Studio Brussel  3/2021

Armando Luongo drums
Victor Foulon bass

Seasons :  composed by N.Andrioli


Piano Improvisation  from classical repertoire

Live concert at Columban 2020


Back home  composed by Lorenzo di Maio

live at Grand Place Brussels 2016


Sogno composed by N. Andrioli
Jazz at Felix' live concertan 2018

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THE WATER DANCE comp. by N. Andrioli 
from the album "Complicity" 2016


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Les Montgolfieres
from the new Album " Les Montgolfieres "
Dodicilune Records ( Italy) 2015

Scarlatti K 208  arrang/orchestr. by N.Andrioli
excerpt from the album "Les Montgolfieres "
live recording session , Academy hall Sint -Truiden 2014


La Prima Vera  composed by N.Andrioli
Philip Catherine 4tet  - live at  De Roma , Antwerpen - 2012


La Danza dei Veli  composed by N.Andrioli
Mimi Verderame "wind" 2011


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Mari 'ntra mei 
compos/arrang/orchestr. by N.Andrioli ( 2011 )
conduct. by Francoise Theberge


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