Steven Delannoye & Nicola Andrioli  "The next chapter".

Streaming live , Jet Studio Brussel  3/2021


Piano Improvisation & classical repertoire

Live concert at Columban 2020


Back home  composed by Lorenzo di Maio

live at Grand Place Brussels 2016


Les Montgolfieres
from the new Album " Les Montgolfieres "
Dodicilune Records ( Italy) 2015

La Prima Vera  composed by N.Andrioli
Philip Catherine 4tet  - live at  De Roma , Antwerpen - 2012


Nicola Andrioli acustic trio

live session , Jet Studio Brussel  3/2021

Armando Luongo drums
Victor Foulon bass

Seasons :  composed by N.Andrioli


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The water dance comp. by N. Andrioli 
from the album "Complicity" 2016


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La Danza dei Veli  composed by N.Andrioli
Mimi Verderame "wind" 2011


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Mari 'ntra mei 
compos./lyrics arrang. and orchestation by N.Andrioli 
conduct. Francoise Theberge


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