new album  come out

"SKYLIGHT"  new trio album feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel.

official release on genuary 2022

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Cees Van de Ven invited us to play at Dommelhof in october 2012, a marvellous venue, with this Quintet. The repertoire consisted of compositions of Peter, Steven and myself (Racconti).
The evening was happening. We had a great time. The recording sounded really great and the idea came to release this concert on el NEGOCITO Records.

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One of my last compositions " to Philip " appear on the last Philip Catherine album : Manoir de mes Rêves . .  so happy !!


Salon d'harmonie  

Steven Delannoye : sax & compos    -     Bert Cools : guitar


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jazz reviews

Interview on "Les Lundis d'Hortense" magazine - 4° trimester 2021

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from Audiofile Sound Italian Magazine 2020

The Shining of things Album
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Dinant Jazz Festival 2018
nice experience for me to share the stage with Philip Catherine and Joshua Redman!


 Focus on Jazz Mozaiek magazine (belgium ) 2016/4